16 juni 2021 15:32

Hello everyone my kids and I ( Lynda, Frank,Sophia & Jack) have been running this fundraiser for Sophia's hospital for the past 2 weeks and would like your help in achieving our goal. I am an independent Scentsy Consultant, My 20% commission goes towards scentsy buddies/friends for the children of Sophia's hospital. The money I make from buying the buddies/friends also goes back towards more buddies/ friends.
What are buddies / friends you ask? Scentsy Friends are beautiful dolls that all come with a adorable mini buddy in their pocket. The dolls come with your choice of a scent pak. That is placed in a zip-up pocket in their back. You can change the fragrance as often as you like. 
scentsy buddy is also a beautiful stuffed toy that come in many different characters, such as Bailey the bunny, Spider-Man, the Hulk, baby Yoda and many others, they are forever changing. 

why am I doing this fundraiser? My son Frank ended up in Sophia's hospital due to a collapsed Lung when he was born nearly 8 weeks early. He has allergies, but he is a fighting fit young 11 years old now. Sophia my daughter was born in Sophia's hospital and named after the hospital. She is now 9. 
I feel very passionate about this fundraiser and the children of Sophia and what a hard time the children must be going through with limited visitors to the hospital during Covid 19. Not seeing their loved ones as much as they would like too. I myself have 6 children in total and know the feeling very well of missing 3 of them along with my 5 grandchildren as they all live in Australia. So I can only imagine how hard being sick and missing family would be like for these children. My 3 smaller children Frank, Sophia & Jack all live here in Holland. So I'm hoping you all can help us give to the children of Sophia. We thank you all for your support. 

What are scent circles? 

Scent circles are a round disc that is soaked in fragrance oils of many kinds, then hung to drip dry before being carefully packaged for our scentsy customers. 
They hang freely in Cars, lockers, bathrooms, small offices, kitchen, closets to add a burst of scentsy fragrance just about anywhere. Each comes with its own fragrance pattern.
There is many fragrances to choose from. 
Specially for this fundraiser we are selling buy 5 get one FREE for €22.50 or buy 3 for €13.50. 

I will be in the front of Sophia's hospital entrance on the 22nd 12 till 1500 to collect the envelopes along with money. If you have any questions please contact me on 062915375. Or feel free to check out my website to see more of what Scentsy has to offer. There maybe something else you would like to buy instead of the scent circles.  You can just send your order directly to me and I will send you a payment link.
Orders need to be in by 22nd of June please. The money will be added to Sophia's fundraiser. https://lynda69.scentsy.nl 

thank you so much 😊